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don’t think there is a single answer to this question, firstly because there are many different scenes and places, but mostly because people (men, customers) are so different themselves

Personally I think a really good strategy is to go to the bars and just enjoy yourself.

And then let the girl pick you, not the other way around.

You’d still want someone that you like yourself and that you have a ‘click’ with of course, and then you just take her to your hotel.

Very likely they do want to keep the girl’s ID card at the reception desk which actually isn’t a bad idea just in case.

Then she’ll take a shower, and will expect you to shower.

Then she’ll get in bed with you and you have sex.

She will usually have condoms, but it’s not a 100% given, and also the condoms may be the free government provided ones, which aren’t great.

That will mostly be a whole lot of small talk, plus sleeping, and then in the morning very likely sex will happen again.

(Or at any point during the night.. I’ve had girls who kept waking me up for another round.

But either way at some point she’ll leave, and then you leave some money for her next to her purse or something.

As a newbie it’s probably not a bad idea to confirm the amount beforehand, especially in potentially expensive places like mumbai.

So if you talk price beforehand then I’d just tell her your budget and not make it an open question.

Then she can either take it or leave it.

5000 indian rupees is fairly generous, although in many of the most touristy places in delhi some people will try for even higher, knowing quite often she’ll get lucky and

Fair play for her, she probably deserves it.

Chances are you’re Facebook friends by now or have exchanged phone numbers, and chances are she’ll be in touch sooner rather than later.

Potentially with an attitude of now being your girlfriend for the week.

😉 Which you may like, or you may want to deflect that.

Some guys like it though to get a full on girlfriend experience, where she’ll also join you sightseeing and doing whatever tourist stuff.

(Watching a movie, shopping, she taking you to her favorite restaurant, going out for drinks in an area she actually likes where you get to pay for drinks for

(Many call girl sex worker don’t get a customer every day, so getting repeat business is well worth pursuing if she can hit it off with any half-decent guy who will

I’m still good friends with the very first girl I went with in delhi, almost 20 years ago.

(She’s moved on from sex work since then, obviously.)

Note: all of the above applies to the tourist bars / scene, not massage parlours and the like.

Massage parlours are a lot more impersonal, more similar to what I’d expect a brothel /club in the West to be like.

(I wouldn’t know though, I’ve only been with prostitutes in Thailand.

But I do know I don’t like massage parlors with the ‘fishbowl’ lineup and having to pick someone from behind glass; that’s just weird and unnatural.)

Tip: Unless you absolutely have to be in delhi for business or whatever, I’d grab a bus or taxi to mahipalpur

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